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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Address Change: Reverend Mark J. Seydel

Original address (now unmaintained): Reverend Mark J. Seydel

New address: Forums 4 Everyone - 4Umz.Us - Index

What did I do? Nothing. I left the feed out of the OPML file. Until Mojoey is notified of this change I will not take liberty with the roll. I did however find a "Religion" forum with a site feed.

Here is the page link: Religion

Here is the feed link: Forums 4 Everyone - 4Umz.Us - Religion

1 comment:

Mojoey said...

Well this is cool. Good idea. It sure helps the non-blogspot users.

Do me a favor and send me an email when you find a problem. I don't read post threads until I have a free moment.